Driving Academy 2018 Simulator App Reviews

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Great game but a few problems

This game was great! It tells you what to do on the road there’s a free mode and a huge amount of cars. But one thing. Why does need WiFi to play? And why do you have to buy the free mode when you could just be free if you don’t listen to the arrow you win coins too so every game is kinda free mode. And if you want to play without WiFi you just have to play the first level. For some reason if doesn’t need WiFi. That’s just a few tips and tricks

Great game! A few suggestions.

This game is great! It’s fun and it really never gets boring. I also like the new road signs bikes and school bus. But a suggestion is you have so many stop signs or yield signs and no lights so it would be great if you could make lights in free drive. And my last suggestion is if you could add more cars. When I’m driving there is only like one car on the road or a few more but that’s like on the highway road. Regular road really have no cars or one car. So I though that would be better so it’s like your really driving a car. And in parking lots add some more to please! Besides that great game! 👍🏼😃

Great but...

I love this game! There is only one downside. On some levels, the steering is reversed. Is this part if making it a challenge? Or some kind of malfunction? Other than that, I am happy that I downloaded this game! This issue occurred on the bike lane level, and then it continued for the next 3, then stopped. It happened for the first time on the yield sign stage.It also corrected itself when I played it a second time. Edit: I just played the level “side road at perpendicular angle”, and a car came out of nowhere, ran into my car and started driving onto the sidewalk. I drove back that way and there was no entryway for it to come in. Edit July 18: The cars need to follow the signs and stuff better. I was at a stop sign and there was a car in front of me, but it did not stop. When I don’t follow a sign, I lose coins. Lowering to 3 stars because of this issue that I know other people have seen in the game.

Great game

THIS IS AN AMAZING GAME!!!!! Totally worth buying. I love this game so much because you can learn to know every sign in the game. So when my mum was driving I said” mum!!! I know that sign!! That means slow down!!” And it was just so much fun to tell my mum, dad, and brother all the signs I learned! And this game offers other driving game when your finished!👏

Great game

I is one of the best car games on earth


Please make the card follow the rules if the road too the cars are getting in the way of my driving,

It was okay

It was okay

Love This Game, But...

I love this game. I play it when there is nothing else to play. You get to choose your own instructor, and as you level up and stuff you can buy and customize cars. But there is one problem... to many ads, after every level you complete there is always an ad.☹️ But anyways if you want to get an early start on learning how to drive, then this is the way to do it.


I think it is fun but it makes your phone get really hot, and the game is supper laggy



Good game🎉🤩👍

So I just got this game I and love it.........can y'all plzzzzzzzzzzzz add engine or car sounds to go along with the different varieties of cars (trucks Suv)..........thxxxxx🤩👍🎉


Ayyee weerrkkkkk

Awesome 😎

It’s awesome i have no words it’s just 👍🏻 great

Battery !

This game is fun and very realistic but it drains your battery so much ! It was using 70% of my battery it went from 100 to 65 in 10 minutes

GREAT game just the ads

Love the game just the ads make it run too slow so I lags

My review

I like this game but to many ads! Like every time you go to a new level there are ads! So any way 4 stars! Thanks for making this.

Glitches R us

The game is fun but it often glitches causing the wheel to go in the wrong direction. Other than the glitches the game is very cool and realistic.


I stop and yield and it says I didn’t .

Can y’all give use bigger houses please




Great game🏎

This is a great game for young children 👶 who want to learn to drive and learn the car signs on the road I love 💕 it and I hope 🤞 if you get it you will to.🏍🚓


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The worst game I’ve played in my life

This game is seriously the laggiest thing ever!! The CP’s in the game are literally the stupidest things they, rear end you all the time and the game gets mad at you for it. You can’t control your speed very well especially when the speed limits are 50 and below. The crappiest game on the planet! DO NOT GET THIS GAME IT DRAINS THE LIFE FROM YOUR BATTERY!!!

Amazing!! Just one thing🙃

This game is great! You learn things about the road and always have fun. But the only thing I noticed was that there were a few cars that I saw on the rod while I was driving that I couldn't buy or get! Please take this into consideration.


Bla bla awesome and whatever

Awesome but add...

It’s a great game I think you should add a thing the cops or police cars can pull you over if you don’t follow road signs and stoplights are the Justin I love the game it’s a very cool realistic driving simulator and I hope it gets top rated on the App Store but please add real police pulling you over in the games thank you in advance to games2win


i really really really like this game. i think it's very addicting and u can also learn a lot from the tips that they give u. but one thing i will say is please change the other cars on the road. they don't follow the rules and will sometimes crash into u when they don't stop at a stop sign. also one time a car literally went on the curb onto the sidewalk and drove into a light pole. and sometimes they will just stop in the middle of the road too. also i wish the police cars would actually pull people over that don't follow the rules. :)

Fun, but...

This game is fun but has problems. First, the game lags a lot also whenever you are going to switch cars, You need to restart the game. VERY ANNOYING!!!😡😡😡. Also the traffic lights are confusing because there is a stop sign and if you pass the gr


I like the cars and it’s pretty realistic but I just entered the game and a lot of my coins were gone! I had about over 30,000 coins now I have only 1,600! I know I didn’t buy any cars or deals. It’s so stupid, a lot of the driving games I play glitch like this it’s the worst. It’s not like these stupid creators can do anything about it but still. All of there idiotic updates don’t do anything but make it worse. Also my level went back to 1 after it was at exactly 37! What a shame.

Why is everything so expensive

Cool game but why is all the cars so expensive if after every mission you only get a couple hundred coins?

Love It but.....

I had this game before but completed all of the levels of it so I deleted it. Just saw it again I can’t wait to play and learn all the signs again I think there are new ones not sure. But when I had it a car would go through me at the redlight and I would go then I would lose coins.

Uhhh nice but...

So let's say I'm on an IPhone, and I delete the game but later I want to download it again... will it save?

It is really fun but the cars are to exspensive

But still fun

Driving academy

The game itself is great. The game just lags a lot.

Great game/simulator

Nice, realistic car simulator. Pretty good for a free game. The only thing I don’t really like about the game is that it generally needs WiFi to load the levels, and that can get annoying on car/(especially) plane rides.

Makes my phone hot

Makes my phone hot

The best game ever

On the past I have had this game and I love it. That is why I am downloading it on my new phone I love this game 😘. And I hope the best for it.

Driving academy

Well I just got the game but I had it before but um I’m kinda get the hang of the game again so yeah

Fantastic game but just a few things...

This game is super fun and it is pretty realistic but I think that all of the other cars on the road should follow the rules of the road because often times you will turn and they will just run into you because they are running stop signs. Also, sometimes the rules on the game are incorrect. For example, at the sign that says “stop here on red” at the stop light, you must stop even if the light is green or the game says that you didn’t follow the road sign even though there is no stop sign and the light is green. There are a few other rules that need adjusting as well. But I believe the game is wonderful. Maybe you could add in the free driving mode more features like if you are driving bad you get pulled over and have to use coins to pay for the ticket. Also maybe you could have other ways to win coins like maybe a racing mode where you get coins for winning and maybe you should be able to watch ads for free coins. But the game is very addicting and fun and I would definitely recommend it to someone who is either learning the rules of the road or just wants to have fun!


Too many ads

Awesome only one thing

I love the game I play it all the time! Only one thing. I think it would be cool if there were traffic lights!

This game is bae

I think this game is bae

Drive Academy

This game is amazing

Good game

It’s a great game wish it didn’t take you till level 35 six to do free ride

Great game but...

I love this game. It’s really fun to play but it glitches a lot. Every few levels or so the car will start turning left when I turn right and vice versa. It gets pretty annoying because the I have to close the game and get back in every couple of minutes. I don’t know if this is a glitch or what but it should be looked at!


I’m ten and I love this app and I learned from it today 6/28/18 I’m level 36 and learned a lot and it will probably help later in life Thx😀

From- Logan Burton

It is the best app ever I will be playing this every single day now👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Just One Thing..

I like this game, but the only problem is that it lags. Every other app on my phone runs smoothly except this one. Otherwise, it is fun to play..

Good Idea

It’s a great idea for an app, and the gameplay is great. The lag however is the most god awful i have ever experienced in any game. Also the adds are ridiculous and pop up after every mission, which makes it lag even more. Just need to fix that and i think it’ll be a lot more playable.

I love ❤️ you guys

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