Driving Academy 2018 Simulator App Recensioni

So much fun

Fun game love playing it especially with my friends and family


Gets state

Aw yeah

This game is awesome I am never going to stop playing it

i love it but

i love this app but theres to much ads, everytime i drive, an ad pops up but you only have like 2 or 3 minutes to drive again then another ad pops up 🤷🏻‍♀️

You welcome

You welcome


I used to like this game and I played it every day, but now I can’t even play without having an ad pop up ever 30 seconds and I had purchased a car and when the game updated I didn’t have my car anymore. ☹️

Great game but one problem.

The other drivers in this game seem to be driving drunk , they drive out of control. This problem personally makes me angry because this game is teaching you to drive good when others are driving very bad. A car bumped into me and I got points take off for them bumping into me . Some of the cars may swerve , hit me, or go wayyyy to slow when it isn’t even yield, they also pull out in front of me and I then hit them for not having a blinker , or simply they couldve just waited for me to go . Other than that , the game is great and it really teaches you to be ready for the road . 👍


Dkleoosn xkiei

Too many ads

Ads make it wack

the ad breaks

i get an ad break every 2 minutes of me driving in the game and it’s really annoying. less adds would be better

Ads interrupt play now.

Fun game, but I don’t know whether there was a change in how they use ads in their game. This last time I played ads were popping up every minute or so during free drive. Annoying and disruptive.

❤️❤️Love the game but too many ads

I love this game sooooo much! As soon as you finish the test then you can free drive. The cars I feel like are a little over priced. There is an ad every 2 minutes and that why I hardly play it anymore. I wish the other cars would drive right though. Just a suggestion maybe you should add more controls like a car that can drive like a stick shift. Other than that I LOVE THIS GAME! Ps maybe add a few gas stations ⛽️ or other real life events that could happen when driving a car.

I have d


Car game

I love this game


I like this game


The game and graphics are really good but I hate how many ads there are. They pop up every 30 seconds while your driving and it gets really annoying😒


ok This game is so fun but literally there’s a new update with an add EVERY MINUTE I passed all the levels and was free driving and it was sooooo fun and now I have to find a different car game because the dumb adds called “add break” is so dumb so if your gonna get this game then don’t consider spending any money on it and there’s SO many ads.


Love the game and especially the free drive, but it seems like every second now there is an ad break in. They’ve always had ads on the top of the screen which I’m fine with. Now, when you are playing it stops your gameplay. Please fix this!

Car games

I like the car games


I would like this game if it fixed some things 1. The game lags and it cause my car to crash 2. Getting the drivers to learn how to drive correctly on the road 3. During driving in the game an advertisement would come out of nowhere and cause the car to crash or to fail the level. I wouldn’t recommend this game if you don’t like lagging.


I think this game is truest amazing and the crontrolls are great themselves too!

Great game

It doesn’t teach you how to drive, but it does teach you road signs. Other than that its AWESOME

Car is fast

I just wanna go crazy for this game

About the game

It seems to be a little bit of more difficulties with this game I will definitely not do this again

Fun Game but the new things....

This is a really amazing game, I love it! I just don’t like the new update where there’s an ad every 30 seconds to a minute. And you have to wait on the ad and to get back to your game. It frustrates me every time I drive on the game. I love everything else. I just think there should be weather, you can be pulled over, having some more realistic features in free mode (red lights, etc.). Also, drivers in free mode should drive better because you just drive and all of the sudden you get hit. Thanks.


I don’t understand why is there an ad every like couple minutes when I play.. I don’t like that. Can you change that like take off the ads . Before it never had that now it does. Like why?


This game is awesome but when you are switching into a new lane and you have you blinkers on,they should give you coins b/c it is correct & in real life if you didn’t have your blinkers on you could get pulled over and a ticket.

gg gamer

This game is so f🤬🤬🤬ing trash🤦🏼‍♀️

I love

This is fun make a new updates and new tucks and a new motorcycle ❤️👍 I am a boy big fan of this game.

Great game , too many ads

I love this game it’s amazing you learn signs of driving. I love the game. One problem is that there are too many ads. Every time I complete a level I have to watch a ad then go on to the next level and another ad. I understand you need ads for games but there is just too many.

Do you have do you have $1000 now

I gave you four stars

The best game ever

This game is good for 15 year olds and it is easy to try its free

No car sound:(

Wish there were car sounds

Abbie’s mind

Well first after a few tries I got the hang of it but I really think I’m done with trying to learn all the sighs so make it fun

It’s ok

It’s ok the only thing i don’t like is that it needs more features and u can’t knock down stuff say if there was a time limit

Don’t get

You have to go through the academy to do anything else


Awesome gam


it basically teches you to drive and the rules i totally recommend it to kids by lily


I my name is Charlyse you Probably don’t know me but I live in the country half city and I just love this game it is really fun to Play.

Challenging 👍🏻

This is the best app ever😲! This game teaches you the signs on the road and it is very challenging but so fun at the same time! And there’s lot of details in this app. I definitely recommend getting this app.

Prety good game!

Though I wish you added a digital speedometer somewere. It costs money for some cars and almost everything in the game, but avoid that and it is a great game.😀🏎 Also the AI cars don’t follow some traffic rules. Also please add headlights. When you do speed no police come after you you just lose ten coins. No police team is that proffisnt.If they are they are spesicicly coming after you.


It’s awesome Because they help and there really smart

Awesome Game

This game is awesome!!!!!

Really? Edit: good game

Spent 30 dollars for all cars, they showed me how to fix problems, good game

Best game ever

This is the Best game ever

Learning to drive

Great experience!!!!!!!!

Amazing, but...

The graphics and signs are amazing and outstanding to play with! I just wish there were more cars and places that we could drive in. It would be more fun and cool exploring. But everything else is so fun and addicting to play!


Fun game but the ads are annoying and ruin it


I love this game❤️❤️

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