Driving Academy 2018 Simulator App Recensioni

Driving sim

I really like how you can just drive on forever,it’s suuuuppppper fun and I recommend it!


It's kind of delicate that's the only problem!

Awesome game!!!!

This is the best driving game everrrr!😊👌👌 I just wish u did not need WiFi in order to play it. It’s soooo cool how it actually teaches you how to drive! No glitches at ALL! Rock on Driving Academy!!!


It ver fun


Can I go to high school Mode

Could cause stress

My son played this game and came up to me crying and said “mom it’s really hard and I give up”

Best game ever

I love this game so much

Great Game

ITS GR8 love it

It’s good...

But the ai cars are really annoying and slow plus sometimes they just run into you. Sometimes the just park right in front of me. But overall great game

Fun it is so fun

This is a good game it is so challenging if you hit stuff to many times you have start all the ways over

To many adds

Me personally think it is a really cool game, but I also say there are too many adds in between levels.I wished that there would be less adds.so that I could get in more game time,and if there are adds make them sort no like a mini game.if read read this paragraph please write a review supporting my opinion

Cool game 😎

It is a really fun game and I like it but there are some bugs here and there. Really realistic and fun but a little stress full on the harder levels. Something to do when ur bored and really fun to customize ur car. Recommended 😉


The game is so cool I love it so much play it or if you don’t like it just delete it or what do you mean by the game

This is awesome

5 star rating

This game is so fun

I can not stop playing it


This is so easy but put u in funess and also make you ready For Driving school

Drive Academy

I don’t really like this game

I like this game

I like this game


Thanks dear for your help please call me

Add more roads

I overall really like this game and enjoy it a lot. However after a while, it gets kind of boring since theres only a limited amount of roads and places to go to. Maybe add highways or to allow us to go through the city. Make it so as we have more options.

Best driver game ever

I have a lot of fun playing this game. It’s so easy and I love it

Hi developers

I love this game but I have some suggestions for it. First it glitches way to much it makes me crash a lot. And you should add restaurants and gas stations. You should also add we’re they can get jobs and go to work and the should have stores so on free drive mode they can go shopping. And one more thing they should be able to have pets or boyfriends or girlfriends so the won’t be lonely. It is not your fault. You were just making sure people have a fun game to play I was just wondering if you could pick some of suggestions. Thank you for all that you have done with this game. I was just suggesting. Thank you for your time. 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

Best game ever

This is the best game it teaches you real traffic laws and everything I recommend you download this game


This game is awesome and I just started playing it.😀😁👍🏽


I cannot stop playing this game it is so much fun and so realistic, I love that it is helping me learn the road signs but I think that you should add a Jeep and that y’all should make a mode where you can ride with other people to make it exciting and maybe a little more challenging and fun, I hope you can maybe do that! It seems really cool, but I think you should also add more roads!!!!!!!! Some that are like highways with lots and lots of cars to make it more real!!!! That’s all I think!! Hope you will take this in consideration.

Great but...

I love this game, but I have played this game so much I have completed all of the levels in academy,challenges,and night driving. All I have to do now is either play the levels again or do free drive which can get boring sometimes. So may I suggest adding more levels? But thank you for the awesome game!!

Driving Academy

I think that driving academy is a good chance to learn about driving From cheyennannA Seeger


Hey gamers can you please make the game a little more fun to play and please change up the game a little thank you for listening bye please respond back to me thanks😀

Awesome 😎👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️😎

Thank you so much for this game it is awesome I have I have alot other games but this is my favorite one.

It’s a good game


It’s keeps on freezing

I put a 4 star because I’m tired of waiting for it to stop freezing and sometimes I reboot the app by deleting it and add it back if this happen one more time I’m deleting the app. Besides that it’s fun.💩😂

Great game!

This game is amazing! I also play the “Driving Academy UK” but that game didn’t have Night Mode.. so I got sad about it but this one does! I love Night Mode very much. It’s better than the other ones that they made. Thank you for making this game :)

Pay for anything

Why do these games and asked me to put your hard earn money to stop ads or get a nicer car to drive. Maybe the pay games are. better or they maybe the same. So I’ll look for another game.

Make the cops pull over

If you drive to fast then the cops should pull you over

Best driving stimulator

This game is very very detailed and is the best driving stimulator. I’ve played all of the originals but I have some feedback. Maybe making a highway with traffic and actually making turn signals on the highway. I would love if we could pick up characters or locals and drive them to destinations. The town could be bigger too. Anyways I love this game

The Other Cars Are Showing Bad Examples

This game is great to play, but the one thing I don’t like is the other cars not following the rules. For example, they will go right through stop signs and turn a corner and crash, they will drift out of the lane and hit you when you going straight. It would be super awesome if you could fix this. This is a super fun game!


Love it amazing

Great game, bad AI driven cars

This game is great, but the AI driven cars need to follow all of the traffic rules too. And some times my car is not moving, and a car his me, and I get a damage point taken away! Also make the cats smarter. One time there was a car in front of me that was stopped. And a car behind me that was driving. I needed to get out so I turned my wheele to the left and went forward. I couldn't go any further, so I had to back up a little, but the stupid car drove forward, trapping me! 😠... Please make the headlights available in dusk because it is to dark at dusk, but I don't have a headlight option. 🔦 Also, sometimes a car would not drive, but just stay on the road. Please make them use hazard lights.

How much I love about this game

I love this game so much I would pick this game to play for the rest of my life



The only reason I like this game is because it is a driving game

The best game ever

I love this game soooooooo much

I love this game I play it day And night you should totality download it


Best learning driving game ever


This game is great! You learn things about the road and always have fun. But the only two things I noticed was that there were a few cars that I saw on the rod while I was driving, that I couldn't buy or get! Please take this into consideration. Also, I wish that there was a taxi thing were you could learn to pickup and drop off people. That would be great! PLEASE TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION Games2Win!!


This game is absolutely unacceptable it is very inappropriate and my child was scarred for life playing this game please delete this$!


This was an awesome game loved it so much

I love this game so much

Best game ever I love you to the best game ever I seriously love this game so much it’s like the best game I’ve ever played like it’s so cool that I cannot even stop playing this game every time you’re so cool that I just really want to play it


Just a few things can you plz put the cars to have blinkers on when they are turning lanes not us driving the car but the ones who move automatic and can there be stop lights on free drive and people walking across and the train going by not just in the academy? Plz? But other then that is EPIC!!!👍👍👍👍👍

Pretty good 🙂

The game is really fun. If you have a good memory this game will be easy for you. You have to memorize what signs mean. But otherwise the game is fun you get to drive a pretty awesome car . I love that the game challenges you.


I love this game sooo much😂

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